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Backporting Ruby From Trusty to Oneiric


Create a backported Ruby 1.9.3p484 Ubuntu package. For the purposes of this post, we will assume that you are OK with not creating a signed package (required if uploading to launchpad). If you wish to upload to launchpad (for example to share your backport with the world), it may be useful for you to check out this site after reading through this guide.


At my day job, I had to upgrade Ruby on very old production boxes that were running Oneiric AMD64. Upgrading the OS was a chore that would be happening later but we needed to start using the latest Ruby as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, there is no Ruby 1.9.3p484 Debian package readily available for Oneiric, not even as a backport.

Schwatcher v0.0.7 Released

Version 0.0.7 of Schwatcher has been released.


  • No longer has external logging library dependencies. Thanks crdueck for the suggestion.
  • No longer uses any mutable members for extra thread-safety

Relevent info:

Schwatcher v0.0.4 Released

Version 0.0.4 of Schwatcher has been released.


  • No longer uses Akka Agent to hold CallbackRegistry (thanks crdueck). This should result in a small performance increase because of more ‘direct’ memory access inside MonitorActor.
  • Refactored testing for better coverage and maintainability
  • Scala 2.10.3 support in testing

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